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About Us

Welcome Compassionate, Excited, Animal Lovers

Our Story

Kaitlyn Rohr has been doing dog agility for over 20 years, starting with 4H as a junior handler. Kaitlyn is the founder and owner of First Class Dog Agility, LLC, where she trains in multiple venues throughout Colorado and offers classes and seminars with guest handlers.


Her love of the sport has grown to include competing and training full time in the dog agility sport. She has been honored to have earned winning positions in DOCNA, NADAC, USDAA, AKC, and UKI, including multiple Podiums at USDAA Regionals and National events over the years.


Her Love for all breeds of  dogs and her positive mindset of training has made her a very successful trainer.


Kaitlyn's focus has always been about a mindset that when you and your dog are participating in a fun and positive training environment, you and your dog will succeed. She works with all breeds and all levels and truly loves to see her clients and their furry friends succeed.


She also values the importance of working and getting the foundations needed in the sport for you and your dog to truly enjoy the agility experience. Kaitlyn lives in Colorado with five highly active and fun-loving border collies.


Kaitlyn travels extensively to many outlining states to follow her passion and love of the sport. She cannot wait to meet new clients and their dogs and create the same passion that she has for the sport.

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