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Ready Set Send

Ready Set Send is designed to help you build the best connection with you and your dog. Starting from basic one on one connection with ground work proceeding to course work. Sometimes looking at the dog's line is considered too far ahead of the dog's actual path. Ready Set Send will teach you how to hold value to your connection with your dog. These exercises will teach you to send, connect, and move forward from takeoff points, tunnels, startlines, collection, and extension. Loss of connection can cause dropped bars, extension in places you need collection, and off courses. This is a 6 week online course with 7 weeks of live email communication and feedback. This course is designed for dogs that are no younger than 7 months or are competing. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

First Class Agility lives up to its name! Kaitlyn is a fantastic trainer for both you and your dog! She uses only positive training, and is all about strengthening the bond between you and your dog.


Whether your goal is to compete at the top level like she does, or just have fun learning with your dog, she's there for you. Kaitlyn works with dogs of all sizes and levels, and the confidence built in your dog will transfer to all aspects of her life.


If you want a fun, challenging, positive activity to improve your bond with your dog, First Class Agility is the place to go!

Brianna H.

Working with Kaitlyn at First Class Agility has helped me immensely in honing my skills as a handler and tuning things to work with each dog that I run with.
She always has a challenging lesson prepared and is quick to encourage you to make the journey with your dog rewarding and positive.

Jen R.

I have been competing in agility for about 8 years and learned enough skills to be competitive. I met Kaitlyn 5 years ago during a local agility event and witnessed her handling skills and learned about her extensive competition and training background.

Now as a student, I appreciate Kaitlyn’s calm and reassuring style of communication. In my case, she is helping me to refine my skills by not only highlighting the optimum methods but by adapting to how my dog and I are performing. During our training sessions she always pushes for success by tuning my handling. My dog and I continue to improve and we will maintain our training schedule with First Class Agility.

Bill R.

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